Thursday, May 13, 2010


A 50 year old male presented with dry cough since 3months, irregular fever since 20 days,left anterior chest pain since 3-4 days. He was non hypertensive and non diabetic. His TLC was 9300;60%neutrophils,38%lymphocytes and 2%eosinophils.SPUTUM for AFB was negative for 3 consequetive days and MT was negative.His chest xray showed left mid zone consolidation.He was given cefuroxime500 bd for 7 days and there was no improvement in symptoms.

His sputum pyogenic culture was negative but sputum culture by BACTEC method yielded mycobacteria. He responded very well to 6 months antitubercular therapy and was asymptomatic at the end of treatment.

clinical pearls: Here pulmonary tuberculosis presented like lobar pneumonia and chest pain was the aggravating symptom which brought the patient to the doctor.

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