Saturday, May 8, 2010


A 24 years old male presented with exertional shortness of breath since 10-15days. He was a diagnosed case of crohn's disease and was taking mesalazine since last 4 years and azathioprine since last 6 months.On clinical examination the only positive findings were severe pallor and mild icterus. His investigations revealed hb-4.5gm/dl, TLC2600,platelet count180000.His peripheral blood film,liver function and kidney function tests were normal. 6months back before starting azathioprine his blood reports were hb-10.5gm/dl, TLC-8400 and platelet 429000. we diagnosed the case as azathioprine induced myelosuppression and stopped the drug immediately. He is still under follow up and his further reports will confirm our diagnosis.

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