Monday, April 26, 2010


A 75 year old man presented to the opd with the chief complaint of shortness of breath since last 2-3 months which worsened during last 3-4 days.There was no fever,cough,chest pain,swelling of body,bowel or bladder problems.On examination his bp was 160/80,pulse84/min,regular,respiratory rate was 24/min,no cyanosis, clubbing,pedal oedema.his chest was clear and heart sounds normal,abdominal examination did not reveal any abnormality.he was a non smoker,non alcoholic,ex tailor. His spo2 was 84% in room air.He was hospitalized for investigation and management.His chest xray and resting ECG was normal.The only abnormality in his blood reports was raised urea(200)and creatinine(13.6) values.He was suggested urgent haemodialysis to which he denied,left hospital and was lost to follow up.
This was a case of acute renal failure ,probably in the background of chronic renal failure which was not detected earlier.So beware,shortness of breath may be the sole presenting feature of renal failure,in the absensce of any other signs or symptoms

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